Tourism Development Endeavors (TUDE) is not-for-profit organization established in Nepal in 2006.

TUDE focuses on alternative models and approaches of tourism, women, environment  and travel to achieve its goal of SUSTAINABLE Development that can provide communities with means to enhance and diversify their livelihood opportunities vis conserving environment, rights, revitalizing cultures and promoting inter-cultural peace and understanding.

Registered at Government of Nepal, Ministry of Home affairs, District Administration office Kathmandu- Registration Number 658/063/064
Social Welfare council: Membership Number 21291


To be a leading development organization in Nepal working in tourism, women, and environment for sustainable development.


  • To engage with youth, women and community in environmental issues.
  • To promote Nepal as one of the leading tourism destination in world for adventure, research, and expedition.


  • To explore, promote and document tourism destinations in Nepal.
  • To build capacity among youth, women and community in environment development and management.
  • To advocate, educate, research, execution and document environmental problems and solutions.
  • To disseminate knowledge through workshop, seminar and conference.
  • To develop learning center.
  • To organize, explore and document programs in different part of Nepal for tourism.

From early years the focus of TUDE is on youth in environment, women, and Youth in Tourism. TUDE initiated programs like Different Day- enjoy, explore and imagine , Learning while Traveling , Change to Change , Development and Discussion Series to inspire  generation to explore Nepal’s different culture and surrounding. Engage in promotion of destination and work on improving environment, social cultural and development prospective through programs and advocacy.

If you are interested in work we do, please feel free to contact us.