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The INNOV CONFERENCE in Kathmandu, Nepal was conducted in 30th July 2016 by Tourism Development Endevors (TUDE) as partner and in behalf of CliMates with an aim to inspire young people to discover and create their own innovative and sustainable solutions to local environmental challenges. The Innov’City project was initiated in the framework of another [...]

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Few words about Powershift Nepal

Global Power Shift (GPS) is a campaign launched by the grassroots environmental organization 350.org with the vision of training young climate leaders worldwide. This is the official GPS Nepal Page .https://www.facebook.com/gpsnp?ref=hl Global Power Shift (GPS) is the starting point for a new phase in the international climate movement. A campaign of the widely successful grassroots [...]

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Community Built by Community : A story from Pharping

A community outskirts of Kathmandu valley with slight uphill and downhill bumpy roads gets connected to capital proudly exhibits its communal innovations and ownership. A model town recently turned into municipality encompasses sense of oneness, co-operation, mutual benefits and desperate need to catch up with development. The traditionally Newari town is slowly accepting all kinds [...]

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Climate march organized to mark World Awareness on Climate Change

Dec 1, 2015- PowerShift Nepal an environmental organization, organized a 'Global Climate March Nepal' to mark the World Awareness on Climate Change on occasion of ongoing Conference of the Parties (COP 21) in France, in Kathmandu on Sunday. The march is a global movement which was organized this year with the statement, "If politicians don’t [...]

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MUGU: The Conscience of Karnali

(Nepal; 2010; 18 minutes; Various Languages with English Subtitles Directed by: Rituraj Sapkota Produced by: Tourism Development Endeavors - TUDE) The Conscience of Karnali looks at the status of development in the Mugu district of Karnali. The film raises questions on where issues such as employment, technology, education and health stand amidst a largely isolated [...]

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