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Presentation on what’s next and local food sharing, TUDE, Nepal

The presentation was given by Ms. Sagarika Bhatta (responsible for project). It was focused on activity that TUDE will be working on coming days. The activity included highlights if Fiche and workshop. The activities of YOU.COM which will be done by TUDE are: Learning while travelling (survey, gain practical idea on recycling and reuse of [...]

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Sharing of You.Com volunteers at TUDE, Nepal

On March 7 and 8, volunteers were taken for refreshment to Kakani, near by side hills of Kathmandu valley. The objectives were to create good cooperation and fill the communication gap among team of TUDE and volunteers from Romania and Turkey. So, that in coming days TUDE could successfully work on its activities. It was [...]

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Expectation of volunteers at TUDE, Nepal

Expectation of volunteers from organization for project. The activity was conducted to analyse the volunteers expectation from and for organisation for five months period. The activity was facilitated by Ms. Sagarika Bhatta. Turkish Volunteer Savas Yesilcay expects that his skills will be improved after meeting with new people and learning new things through this program. [...]

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Activity 1 of You.com project in TUDE

After months of preparation and planning, finally the volunteers arrived in Kathmandu. Romanian volunteers Dragos and Ina arrived on 24 and 25 of feb while the volunteers from Turkey Deren and Savas arrived on 2 of March. They have been living in an apartment Suncity, pepsi cola, Kathmandu. During some free days they have enjoyed [...]

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The INNOV CONFERENCE in Kathmandu, Nepal was conducted in 30th July 2016 by Tourism Development Endevors (TUDE) as partner and in behalf of CliMates with an aim to inspire young people to discover and create their own innovative and sustainable solutions to local environmental challenges. The Innov’City project was initiated in the framework of another [...]

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Few words about Powershift Nepal

Global Power Shift (GPS) is a campaign launched by the grassroots environmental organization 350.org with the vision of training young climate leaders worldwide. This is the official GPS Nepal Page .https://www.facebook.com/gpsnp?ref=hl Global Power Shift (GPS) is the starting point for a new phase in the international climate movement. A campaign of the widely successful grassroots [...]

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Community Built by Community : A story from Pharping

A community outskirts of Kathmandu valley with slight uphill and downhill bumpy roads gets connected to capital proudly exhibits its communal innovations and ownership. A model town recently turned into municipality encompasses sense of oneness, co-operation, mutual benefits and desperate need to catch up with development. The traditionally Newari town is slowly accepting all kinds [...]

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