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Change to Change

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Change to Change is a program for youth to go on trips for social change and as messengers of peace and harmony. Traveling across Nepal, meeting communities, working with social ventures, learning developmental issues and most importantly spreading the message of Peace, these youth return with stories of social change, and the program enables them to use these stories to inspire a larger community.

 Change to Change aims to be a noble social venture aimed at driving youth to social action and peace building in Nepal. The program revolves around a month long trip, which is designed to make the participants (Change Fellows) question themselves and their existing beliefs. It is an opportunity to see, feel and know Nepal. With the number of young people leaving Nepal in apprehension, frustration, lack of social freedom and an assumption that there is a better world outside. Change to Change gives youth an opportunity to experience what they have got and to realize what they can do. It is an opportunity to redefine goals, precipitations and attitude.  Change to Change aspires to inspire the youth to experience Nepal and ultimately realize that there’s a “better world inside”. They will be a messenger of peace and ethnic harmony by extending helping hands to communities where they go and promoting religious and ethical cooperation and knowledge.