ETI Nepal - Educate,  learn in Nepal

The general objective of the project is the improvement of life style conditions of most vulnerable population of Nepalese society in the village of Chhaling. This project aims to supply support to child education at pre-school and school age and to the empowerment of adult competences, in particular of women.




Local Team

Program coordinator : Ms. Sagarika Bhatta

Education trainner: Mr. Parsuram Niraula

language officer: Ms Shrija Tuladhar

IT officer: Ms. Olina Shahi

Plant production trainner: Ms. Sunu pandey

Fruit and Veg tech. officer: Mr. Suman Gajurel

Cultural liungustic mediator: Ms.Saraswoti Puri


General partner : Tulime Onlus

Local partner: TUDE

ETI Nepal - Educate,  learn in Nepal