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    Aashutosh Bhandari


    B.E Geomatics Engineering

    Objective and Aim of career:
    To, enrich my research capabilities.

    My aim is to be a data expert and to use the geospatial technologies in the field of environment conservation and to sustain it.

      Bipin Karki


      Educational & Professional Background:
      Mechanical Engineer (Regd. 1894 NEA )and Mentee in TGG Mentorship Program under Anil Chitrakar , Former Intern at 1500MW Naptha Jhakri Hydro Power Station (SJVN), Nepal Electric Authority (Marasyandi Hydro Station 69 MW)

      Objective & Aim of career
      To channelize education, ideas, vision learned in professional school into reality. To, develop and implement sustainable energy resources, for rural livelihood and socio-economic progress. And establish and run energy related social entrepreneurship by Nepali for Nepal

          Megha Bajaj


          Education: B.Sc. Environmental Management (4th year)

          Objective and Aim of career:
          To, boost my knowledge and skills, as well as spread knowledge.
          Making people aware and to contribute for the betterment of the society in each possible ways I can.

          My aim is to work in the field of environment conservation and management obtaining a position of responsibilities that utilizes my skills and experiences with some positive changes.

              Rubina Karki


              Education background:
              B.Sc. Environmental Science, (2nd year running)
              Aim: I have always wanted to be an Environmentalist and influence positively upon a lot of people. I want to be an Environmental Leader, not to collect followers but to CREATE as many LEADERS as I can, because that’s what our country needs right now.

                  Samidha Shakya


                  B.Sc. Environmental Science 2nd year

                  1Aim- Working for the environment has always been my passion and I aim to do so first by developing my inter-personal skills and then sharing my knowledge and experience to others as well.

                      Sanjay K. Kurmi


                      B.Sc Environmental Management

                      Objective and Aim of career:

                      To enhance my working capacities, professional skill and excel in my field of work through hard work, research.

                      My aim is to work in the field of environment conservation where I can enrich my knowledge and obtain a position of responsibilities that utilizes my skills and experience.

                          Jannat Shrestha

                          Intern (Change Workshop)

                          B.Sc. Environmental Science

                          Career objective/ Aim
                          To, learn and explore more about nature through research and training.
                          To, share views and ideas with people and proper utilization of my time, skills and opportunities. Work in team.
                          Well, my aim in life is to reach to the heights where I can stand amongst the best research person and dynamic environmentalist.

                              Pragya Sherchan

                              Intern (Change Workshop)

                              B.Sc. environmental science

                              Objective of my life:
                              To enrich my knowledge, skill and to enhance my personality and capacity though training, research and study.

                              Aim of my life:
                              Using my skill, knowledge and capacity contribute to environment related sectors. And explore new place, people, and things. Along with that, my biggest aim is to reach GHT and Everest peak.