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Learning while travelling


Travelling has been mostly associated with recreation, and its educational dimension is often overlooked. This camp engages the participants in thematic research and create a culture of “learning while travelling” while promoting cultural tolerance and understanding and enhancing the knowledge on global issues through local immersions. Running since 2006 LwT is a yearly program.


  1. Develop the culture of “learning while travelling”
  2. Take youth outside their comfort zone (culturally and academically) and challenge their limits and knowledge
  3. Create cultural tolerance and understanding
  4. Expose the participants on global issues and relate to local communities.


  1. Reports/Documentary/photographs on different thematic issues
  2. Participants familiarize with different skills like team work, leave no trace, intercultural awareness, travel management, social entrepreneurship, climate change, tourism and development
  3. Exposure to Himalayan culture, society and geography
  4. Inculcation of “learning while travelling” habit
  5. Develop cultural understanding among the participants that will last belong the camp duration.

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