Cons karnali - Copy

(Nepal; 2010; 18 minutes; Various Languages with English Subtitles
Directed by: Rituraj Sapkota
Produced by: Tourism Development Endeavors – TUDE)

The Conscience of Karnali looks at the status of development in the Mugu district of Karnali. The film raises questions on where issues such as employment, technology, education and health stand amidst a largely isolated community in a highly globalized world. The film is a visual journey across a long and arduous trek to some of the most remote villages in Nepal and an interaction with the locals and what they would like to see happening. Development will perhaps eventually come in, but then, what exactly are we looking for when we think of ‘developing’ a place?


  1. August 2010, Gurukul, Kathmandu: An Afternoon of Nepali Documentaries
  2. November 2010, Kathmandu University School of Education, Lalitpur: Workshop on Mountain Ecosystem and Environment Education
  3. November 2010, International Graduate Conference on Climate Change, Kathmandu
  4. January 2010. Gurukul, Kathmandu: An Afternoon for Mugu

To organize a show or buy the documentary, please contact us. Schools and colleges are highly encouraged. Equipment for the show will be provided by TUDE if necessary.