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Our Mountain, Our Responsibility



Himalayas hold a special significance to Nepal and Nepalese. Mountains of Nepal make the biggest contribution to the country’s economy by serving as major tourist attractions. Not only do these mountains bear aesthetic and economic value: the water resources originating at these mountains have for ages fulfilled the year-long water needs and nourished life, culture and civilization in the region.

These mountains of Nepal for long glorified as the tallest and the most beautiful in the world now face the tragedy of being the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. With emerging threats of climate change, environment degradation and economic devaluation, our mountains and the resources attached to them are at a serious stake.

A balanced blend of action at local level and advocacy at national level towards conservation and promotion of the mountains becomes the responsibility of every Nepalese. Advocacy and action compliment and nourish each other – our campaign ‘Our Mountains Our Responsibility’ has been introduced as the combination of these two vital elements of conservation.

About the Campaign
National interactive campaign “Our Mountains Our Responsibility- For Promotion and Conservation” started from world heritage site of cultural significance, Bouddha Nath on the occasion of International Mountain Day (December 11, 2009). We aim to bring together all sector of community together and share knowledge on ways of activities that help promote Mountains conservation.

The campaign aims to conserve and promote mountains for sustainability in relation to environment and economy

Aim of campaign

  1. To promote the importance of mountain conservation linking with different aspects of education, economy and natural resources,
  2. To launch the campaign in coordination and networking with different stakeholders and lobby to mainstream the issues in development
  3. To document existing knowledge and practices on emerging threats of climate change, environment degradation and economic devaluation
  4. Facilitating and sharing knowledge among various sectors
  5. To Research and Document adaptation and mitigation means
  6. To train and Empower communities and organizations on the adaptation and mitigation means


  1. Mass media campaign
  2. Sensitization and advocacy workshops and interaction with stakeholders
  3. Celebrating the eco friendly national and international day
  4. Research of the mountainous sites both desk review and site visit
  5. Photo Exhibition, Cartoon work shop, art work and interactive programs
  6. Exposure visits
  7. Commitment Sharing

Target groups
Students, charity groups, youth, religious groups, professional associations, tourism and hospitality sector, business society, environmental agencies and media.

Implementing Partners
1. Tourism development Endeavors (TUDE)
2. Youth Engagement in Sustainability (YES Nepal)
3. Sustainable Development Initiative (SDI) Nepal
4. International Climate Champions Network Nepal (ICCNN)
5. British Council

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