Our Mountains Our Responsibility (OMOR): For Conservation and Promotion (2009- )



Himalayas hold a special significance to Nepal and Nepalese. Being a landlocked country cut off from the economic opportunities of ocean trade, Nepal holds only a handful of economic opportunities; among them, the mountains of Nepal make the biggest contribution to the country’s economy by serving as major tourist attractions. Not only do these mountains bear aesthetic and economic value: the water resources originating at these mountains have for ages fulfilled the year-long water needs and nourished life, culture and civilization in the region.

These mountains of Nepal for long glorified as the tallest and the most beautiful in the world now face the tragedy of being the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The Himalayas have already shown early indications of climate change; scientific studies predict greater impacts of climate change on our mountains in the future. With emerging threats of climate change, environmental degradation and economic devaluation, our mountains and the resources attached to them are at a serious stake.

With theme as Nepalese – a people directly dependent on mountains for water and economy and also traditions and culture. The program aims to help Nepalese understand and internalize the importance of the mountains in our life, and to change the attitude and behavior of people that affect the mountain environment, and to empower individuals and communities with the knowledge tools for conservation.