Power Shift Nepal (PSN) Campaign

Power Shift Nepal (PSN)

Tourism Development Endeavors (TUDE) launched multiyear “I am a Power shifter” movement in collaboration with various organizations in 2014 to build leadership and a network of youth in Nepal. “I am a Power shifter” focuses on the local issues with consideration of global perspective of climate change with the aim to raise the bar on climate action and inspire young people to not just talk about climate change but act concretely on it. It works on philosophy of Knowledge-Action-Promotion, where youth gain knowledge on climate change and its related local issues along with the possible solution followed by the implementation of the solutions and further disseminate it.


  • To provide a transformational experience and network from a diverse range of background from different places to act towards a climate friendly and sustainable world by confronting the fossil fuel industry.
  • To set examples of Climate friendly communities.
  • To support global climate movement.
  • campaigning to stop fracking and oil/gas drilling in Nepal and raising voice to save our mountains and communities

Projects of PSN

  1. I’am a Powershifter I (2014-2015)

      2. I’m a Powershifter II (2015-2016)

3. Change workshop (2017-2018)

4. School Education program (2019-2022)


i) Don’t Frack Nepal

ii)  our Mountains our responsibility

iii) fossil fuel free-renewables for all campaign

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blog: http://world.350.org/Nepal/