This project is of Erasmus Plus financed by the European Commission. Tulime Onlus is the coordinator for the program and process. TUDE is one among 9 partner organisation for the program from 2016-2018.

It is a project of Capacity Building in the Field of Youth (Key Action 2 of the Erasmus Plus Programme). These are the main objectives:
1) to create cooperation among different association that work with young people and that are based in Europe (Italy,Belgium, Spain, Turkey and Poland), in Africa (Togo, Uganda, Tanzania) and in Asia (Nepal)
2) to develop the capacities of partner organization in working with young people in the field of youth non formal learning
3) to enhance capacity building in the young people beneficiaries of the project

The beneficiaries of the project will be, at the same time, the association involved as well as the young people that will take part in the activities. As for every project, we need to have a COMMON GOAL and a COMMON TOPIC to work on. As far as concern for this project, our topic is CREATIVE RECYCLING METHODS AND RECYCLING POTENTIALITIES.

The main activities of the project are:
a) Realize an analysis context in each country about the main topic (waste management policies and case studies about creative recycling)
b) meetings (on-line and on-site) on the topic to share methods and tools and to exchange practices
c) creation of a common methodology for the creation of a non formal educational model and activities for young people in the field of creative recycling (YNFLM= Youth Non Formal Learning Model)
d) publication on the web of the model as Open Educational Resources (OER) in each language of each country.
e) realization of the YNFLM activities with young people (part locals and part volunteers from Europe to Africa/Asia and from Africa/Asia to Europe) that will do some activities dealing with recycling following the methodology created aims at enhancing the skills and the international dimension of youth organizations through a process of exchange and debate of ideas, knowledge, practices and experience.
The purposes are:
– to develop a new model of non-formal learning in the field of recycling
– to increase youth knowledge and creative abilities to envisage opportunities of growth and innovative social entrepreneurship.

European Countries Italy, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Turkey
Non European Countries Tanzania, Togo, Uganda and Nepal

The recent EU policies promote the action of recycling to create a model of “circular economy” in which the waste disappears and new job opportunities can be created. On the contrary, in most extra UE Countries, plans to eliminate products of waste are nearly absent. The project aims to bring out the needs and opportunities of the local communities involved, ensuring the involvement of motivated and proactive organizations and young people to find
together answers and solutions. The experience of cooperation between the partners will strengthen peer-to-peer relationships and synergies among organizations, enabling young people to develop social entrepreneurship initiatives and a dialogue with local authorities that will continue after the project.

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