Power Shift Nepal launched a new program “Change workshop, Think future, act with future”. The workshop intends to work on 3A (Aware, Awake and Act) principle. The workshop will be held for three days at a schools and colleges. During these five days, orientation on climate change will be given by Power Shift Nepal team, then, a competition will be held both intra-school and inter-school to see how much the students have understood it and finally monitoring will be done to see behavioral changes amongst those students. In each six months the workshop will be conducted at 30 schools/colleges and at the end a small exhibition of students’ work will be done. This workshop is a long term program aimed to produce climate conscious youths inside valley. The long term target of the program is to reach 180 schools and colleges in three years’ time.


 Specific objectives:

  1. To aware students and teachers of schools and colleges regarding climate change and engaging them in environmental activities.
  2. To bring behavioral change in the students and teachers

Long-term objectives:

  1. To implement solid waste management and water resource management at school
  2. To include Environment Management as extracurricular course