The focus of the campaign was to activate youths in various creative ways in order awake, aware and act against climate change. On 28-30th March 2014, 100) of youth from diverse background were brought together for three months training. These youths were divided into five themes Drama-Documentary-Documentation, Research, Eco-friendly Business, Eco-friendly-behavior and Alternative Energy according to their interest. These youths in a chart of 10 each in each theme were mentored by thematic experts for 3 months. Each team started from team building to developing action plan implementation of action plan and reaching to community. Youth coming from different districts, different background and different institutions were in team acting together for a single cause, a common theme; a theme that is instrumental in fighting against climate change. Communicating with each, respecting ideas of each other, each theme came up with their action plan, which was further polished by the respective mentors of the theme.  This was further enhanced by experts through knowledge and experience sharing along with guidance.

During action they inspired larger community through direct actions and the use of new media and public sharing. A total of 30 locals actions were carried out during their action phase. Here, 100 youth not just gained technical knowledge of climate change and the ways of activism against climate change but also explored their capabilities and harvested their potentiality that they could flourish with the network they have made during the campaign. 60% of the power shifters were female and out of 20 emerging leader 14 are female. On June 5th, world Environment day, the outcomes from all these themes were showcased in Patan durbar square along with appreciation certificate and batch that says “I Am a Power shifter“.

These five thematic actions,  plans and activities includes behavioral change from the school level, initiatives to manage solid waste, research on existing climate change policy and loopholes in its execution, finding and filling gaps for promoting alternative energy, incorporating environment and business for sustainable economy, exploration of success stories of eco-friendly business and documentation of the success stories of climate movements, problems caused by climate change and sharing the issues along with its solutions.


The first phase of the campaign was able to successfully help in increasing community involvement and awareness, reaching physically to 2000 students/community people during the program, 5000 during the exhibition within Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan. We were able to circulate in online news media, and publish few of the articles and reach about 50,000 people from our activities online.