Rural Urban Connection (RUC) program


The onslaught of environmental degradation and climate change has hit the rural region as much it has affected the urban areas. Awareness and concern among rural population regarding their environment is therefore crucial before we could even think of mitigating the impacts of climate change.   We believe that youths who could play an active role in their communities in motivating local communities to work for their environment and, by their action, draw the much-needed attention of the policy makers to address this important issue. Youth participation will be a step towards saving the environment. Youth with skills in communication and documentation can play vital role. The concept of connecting and engaging the rural and urban youths in a common platform to address climate change at local level.


 Rural Urban Connection aims to establish a sustainable network and platform for the rural and urban youth to increase climate change awareness and promote climate change adaptation and mitigation actions and initiatives at local level. The program aims to have a motivated group of young ‘Climate Messengers’ who will play active role in their local communities to create awareness in climate change and draw attention of the policy makers to address this important issue

In 2011 this program trained 200 youth from different part of Nepal and from different educational background as network and platform to engage in environment, climate change awareness and promote adaptation and mitigation actions at local level with training with experts and exposure visits. The participants of program are known as ‘Climate Messengers’. These Climate messengers are playing active role in local communities and at central level to create awareness and drawing attention of e policy makers to address this. In recent time TUDE is promoting Rural Urban Connection Program through, Learning while Traveling, Change to Change and community knowledge management.