Urban Green and clean programSince, 60% of the global population is projected to live in urban areas by 2030. Cities consume 75% of the world’s natural resources and account for more than 70% of global CO2 emissions. Cumulative emissions of CO2, together with methane and other greenhouse gases, largely determine global mean surface warming of the planet, causing ice melting, biodiversity loss and rising sea levels. (Urban Forestry: A Call for Action by Stefano Boeri Architetti)

Although “climate change” and “urban green space” have become very familiar terminologies, very few studies have been made in assessing the actual relationship between urban green spaces and climate change and particularly how urban green spaces affect the climate of that place and help combat climate change.

In Nepal, according to National Urban Development Strategy published by the Ministry of Urban Development, the forest cover is only three per cent in Kathmandu against 10 per cent in Pokhara as of 2011. In the hills and Tarai, forests cover an average of 22 per cent and 17 of the total municipal areas. Similarly, it covers 30 per cent of total municipal areas in mountain region. “Urban forests and greenery, however, have to be important elements of an urban area. Urban greenery and forestry require coordination between municipal authorities and other related organisations.

Besides lack of green space, other major problem been no proper management of open spaces  which in many developing cities are one major problem.

Another point is even though educated and well informed, the attitude of being reliant on others to solve problem has been one of the major problem and draw back in urban area.

Through this pilot project, we will be closely working with government line agencies in promotion of SDG 11, and 13 by:

Enganing community ( community green and clean project)

  • Creating green space
  • Training household in waste management for urban gardening ( see annex 1 about training)
  • Training young generation

Enaganing school ( Green  and clean School project

This will be done according moudle

Our training partner is WeCareNepal.